I’ve had more than 20 years experience marketing and selling for the publishing, entertainment and travel industries and even more years of experience as an avid reader and occasional writer. I also have marketing qualifications, focussing on my specialism of digital marketing and other varied qualifications, including Ancient art history, archaeology, English Literature and Sales.

Following some time off when having children to reflect on what I wanted out of life, the answer, like that of Douglas Adams’ HGTG was simple: ‘Do what I love’. So I love reading, I love working with new, aspiring authors and established ones, with small publishers and big, and I love using the wonderful digital medium to help others. So if you need help with your marketing, would like to work with someone who understands your situation, your aspirations, your frustrations, and who genuinely wants to see you succeed, please do get in touch by email, or by any of the social media methods listed on the footer and sidebar.

On a personal level, I am constantly looking for the Meaning of Life . I have the answer thanks to the late, great Douglas Adams – 42! Now I just need to find the ultimate question… That’s where all my varied passions and interests come into play.

I have a passionate love of books (reading everything I can get my hands on), astronomy, travel, science, wildlife, writing (when my imagination grabs me), experiencing different cultures, food and  places, as well as long-standing love of ancient and modern history. Simply speaking, to boorow once again from the late, great Mr Adams, I am interested in Life, the Universe and Everything!

I can’t get enough of books, of travel, of the world and the Universe around us. So much so that I felt the need to work with like- minded people, so as not to continue boring my friends talking about it all the time, and dragging them to lectures and debates about everything from conservation to astronomy, writing and book readings. I still do manage to drag my friends and loved ones to these things, and not all of them kicking and screaming!

I know I am not the only book obsessed, science and history enthusiast in the UK, or the world, and I hope to find you all and share thoughts and theories with you in my newly resurrected blog – all matters from the ridiculous and immaterial to the sublime and important.

I also want to hear about what makes your day/week/life, and why!

I hope that you enjoy orking with me or reading my blog as much as I  love writing it, and look forward to a swapping of ideas and experiences on all things that matter to me, and to you.


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