Hi there.

I felt compelled to write a quick review on a book I am reading.

I read voraciously and rate books I have read on my twitter post @australis14 but have decided to only post reviews to my blog when I think the book is great or needs some kind of further mention.

The Final Empire: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is just such a book. This is book one of the Mistborn series.

Sanderson has created a unique fantasy world that is bleak and dark in its scenery- the world had been under a cloud of continuous ash for 1000 years, and hopeless in its dark age feudal system, religions and classes but full of intrigue, magic and hope – the latter brought about by two of the main players Kelsier and Vin, who happen to be very good thieves and magic practitioners.

The development of a plan by their group of low born but intelligent thieves to win freedom against oppressive slavery and to bring down the evil ‘omnipotent’ god-king is at the core of the story. The key characters ( and some of their enemies) have the ability to create magic and power with the help of metals, either by ingesting them (something only the Mistborn or the Mistings can do to varying levels) or by using metals as storage for internal power. These types of magic are known as Allomancy and Ferromancy respectively. It’s a brilliant concept, particularly as each metal has distinctive properties which affect what the practitioner can do. I love the fact that each metal and alloy has a paired one which creates an equal and opposite reaction. The world of the Allomancers drew me in very quickly. I would love to be able to fly through the air using a pocketful of coins!

I have got to be honest I haven’t even finished the book, though I am almost at the end and desperately don’t want to leave the world of the Mistborn.

Imagine my excitement when I realised there were at least three more after this! I have already lined up the second book so there are no delays in continuing my Mistborn experience.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this book.
If you would like a meaty high fantasy book to get stuck into, that carries you along with excitement , intrigue, treachery, magic, hatred and love then this is the book for you! It certainly is for me.



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