The craze for vamp related stories doesn’t seem to be dying down event through all the Shades of Grey madness.

I confess I am also partial to some vamp action! I have the latest Charlaine Harris sookie stackhouse book lined up to read and what I Iove about these books is Sookie herself and the mix of all the different ‘Supes’ , or Supernatural beings to the lay person, and the tension between them all. All very human dare I say?!

Now I hear about a series that’s being obviously going on for awhile it seems by Lynsay Sands called the Argeneau novels. Have you heard of them? The 17th in the series is coming out July 31st and is called #LadyIsAVamp. They sound interesting, though the covers I have seen make them look like trashy romance novels. Can anyone tell me if they are any good as I am thinking about buying them?

For the Argeneau fans out there there is a great contest on Lynsay’s website to help promote the book. It’s great to be able to help out authors we love, isn’t it?

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