Harley, the culpritIt’s true, I can’t deny it any more. Harley, my black and white 4-year-old rescue cat,  is seeing another woman. The signs are all there. He goes out till all hours, comes home late,  is no longer interested in cuddles and won’t jump on my lap for naps and belly scratching as he used to do.

He used to follow me everywhere, constantly rubbing against my legs which at times was the cause of some near fatal mishaps. We used to curl up together on the sofa watching some great romantic movies while the husband was located upstairs watching football. Harley doesn’t do that anymore. When he is at home he sleeps curled up in his covered cat bed, choosing to spend time alone and in the dark rather than spending it with us.

The biggest sign though, the absolute proof that he is being unfaithful to us, came today. Today he came home later than usual,  needing encouragement to come inside (when normally he runs home like a speeding bullet as soon as the sun sets).

When I picked him up to give him a cuddle, which once upon a time he used to beg for by standing on his back legs and stretching his paws up my leg, it hit me. Tears sprang to my eyes. Harley’s medium long black coat was shiny and smooth and very recently groomed, but not by me. Even more indicting – he smelled strongly of a woman’s perfume. An older woman.

Yes, Harley is straying. There is nothing I can do. My cat is definitely cheating on me.


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