Nalini Singh

It was really hard to decide which book to review for my first review. In order to narrow down the choices, I decided I had to have finished the book to be reviewed recently, and it had to be fairly recently out either in paperback or hardback. That narrowed the choice down to nine books. In the end I went with the one that surprised me the most.

Angel’s Blood was a book I picked up at the airport, ( I always buy books at the airport, it marks the beginning of a joyful holiday experience). I wasn’t sure what I would think of it, it wasn’t really my thing, but it seemed a light read, and something different as holidays are a time when I indulge in easy, quick reads, outside of my usual genres.

I started reading and straight away I was taken with the premise. This book is set in a New York City run by angels, and where the Archangel Raphael is top dog. Now it’s not what you think. These are bad-ass angels. They are immensely powerful and strong, and as they are immortal, have little regard for humans. Every once in a while they “make” vampires, who are kept in tight rein – sometimes – but often go rogue embarking on a killing rampage among the human population that leaves a horrific and lasting imprint. The archangels hire the Guild Hunters to track down these rogue vampires and bring them back. This idea was one I hadn’t come across before and I was immediately intrigued.

The novel’s heroine is a human Guild Hunter – a Hunter Born which means she has superior instincts, senses and strength from the other humans and Hunters. Elena Deveraux is considered the best which is why she is employed by the greatest and most feared of Angels in New York – Raphael the Archangel. It’s not a job for the faint hearted – one wrong word and Raphael could kill her instantly – but her instinct for self-preservation abandons her whenever she is around him and she stands up to the cold Raphael, repeatedly, all whilst tracking the worst possible nightmare on his behalf – an archangel turned very, very bad.

Action abounds, so the story feels quite fast paced – there were no parts where I wanted to skip pages or paragraphs. In fact I didn’t want to miss one word. If I tell you more it will give the story away, and I really think you should read it yourself.

Inevitably there is also a good helping of adult romance – definitely an adult book, ’nuff said!

It’s not a novel I would normally have chosen, “Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy ” is a fairly new category for me, (having dined off fantasy and historical fiction for years) and it certainly is not high literature, but it’s definitely fun, powerful in a very gritty, urban way, and completely irresistible. So much so that I had to buy the second guild Hunter novel “Archangel’s Kiss” immediately, and I have devoured that one too. I am even disappointed that the third novel isn’t out until some time in the second half of this year. According to the author’s blog, Nalini is currently making changes to the draft, hopefully for submission for publication. Don’t delay please, Nalini, I am in need of more Elena and Raphael!

3 thoughts on “Book review: Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

  1. Am I going to hate myself if I start reading the series before the third one is out? (That is, are they the sort that you want to read back-to-back-to-back?)

    You make this one sound really interesting, that’s for sure.

    1. I certainly wanted to read them back to back to back to back – there are also plans for a fourth book in the series, which could be a while! The thought of waiting so long for the next one is frustrating, though anticipation isn’t a bad thing!

      1. A bit of anticipation is never bad. It makes it sweeter when you finally do reach the end. Unless they entirely fail at endings, like JK Rowling. (Yes, I am a bitter Harry Potter fan).

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